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The highly effective fly slaying machine is a commercial fly catcher and used patented technology for fly traps and kill flies, all done in an environmentally friendly way. Fly slayer is available in either single or dual cylinder models, this slaying machine is as unique as it is effective. Developed in China by Hu Xilin, and now available world wide through us for distribution in your local market. Fly catchers are already available in China, South Korea and Thailand, the Highly Effective Fly Slaying Machine is the best way to kill flies which can now revolutionize the hygiene and sanitation market in your home country.


This world famous fly slayer device has been showcased on a number of international TV channels from SKY News in the UK, CNN and MSNBC in America as well as CBC news in Canada. A number of other international news agencies have also carried the video, and bought instant recognition to the device and a lot of media attention to its distributors.


Fly CatcherOnce available only in China and South Korea, the highly effective fly slaying machine is making inroads in a number of counties across Asia and Europe.

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