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Available in either a single cylinder or dual cylinder format, the highly effective fly slaying machine is a motor driven, environmentally friendly fly slayer. With an organic bait, and a non toxic mechanism for fly trapping the highly effective fly slaying machine is unique among its peers. Where as other fly catcher devices use either a toxic glue to trap and kill flies, or waste energy through the use of a high energy ultraviolet lamp, this device runs a low watt motor and uses no chemicals to attract and kill the flies.


The motorised fly slayer device attracts flies through the use of an organic bait, and traps them within a secure plastic housing. It is in this location that they remain till disposed off, they will either exhaust themselves or the clear plastic housing can be submerged in water to drown the insects.


The fly catcher device comes with an application tool to help deliver the bait, as well as tools to help keep the casing and holding area clean. Everything you need to use and maintain the fly slaying machine is made available with each device.


The highly effective fly slaying machine is the best way to kill flies which comes with two attractant strips, these have been developed in house to be both environmentally friendly as well as effective in attracting the flies to the machines. They produce no smell or vapour that affects humans unlike many chemical based insecticides.

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