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The highly effective fly slaying machine comes in two models, the single cylinder and dual cylinder, essentially the same machine, with the mechanics behind them both being identical, the smaller more compact device is ideal for domestic and smaller units, while the second model of slaying machine, the dual cylinder, is suited to larger areas, outdoor and commercial use for fly traps.


Both devices use the same attractant strip and solution to entice the flies to the machine, and the patented roller technology traps the flies within the plastic housing. Once inside the housing there is no way out for them until disposed of, this can either be done by the emersion of the housing in water or allowing the flies to expire within the case.


Fly Catcher

Box size - Large
Dimensions - 33x24x35cm
Weight - 2500g
Units Per Container : 222ctns, 888pcs (In 20 ft container)
Power usage 6W
Voltage: 110 - 220v

Fly Catcher

Box size - Small
Dimensions - 24.5x19x20.8cm
Weight - 1075g
Units Per Container : 305ctns, 2440pcs (In 20 ft container)
Power usage: 4W
Voltage: 110 - 220v


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